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Welcome to Edirom Project!

Edirom Project deals with the “development of tools for digital forms of critico-scholarly music editions” – thus, the official title of the project. On this website we would like to make basic information about the various areas of the project available to you. If you should have further questions, criticisms, or suggestions for us, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

The concept of the digital music edition is based not only on the method of publishing an edition; rather, it implies also changed media conditions and concepts of editorial work. On the following pages you will learn more about the conceptual background of the work with Edirom.

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In this area you will find information about the research project. Besides a short outline of the history of the project are details pertaining especially to the staff as well as to the publications resulting from the project.

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A vital area of the project is the development of specific tools both for viewing as well as also creating digital editions. In this area you will find all essential information about the individual tools including download options and documentation.

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It is an essential goal of Edirom Project to interlink the project’s own work with concrete edition projects so that on the one hand realistic needs can be met, and on the other, the suitability for praxis of the project’s own development can be directly assessed. In the following you may read about the various cooperation partners of Edirom.

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